Therapeutic Essentials

This workshop focuses on a very specific body part and address common ailments, misalignments, stresses and strains. Each class begins with a 30-minute lecture explaining the root causes of common physical complaints. I creatively incorporate specific alignment and integrative techniques, as well as therapeutic elements into asana practice. The therapeutic benefits of yoga are bountiful and unlimited.

When your body hurts or is experiencing strain and stresses everything is effected – body, mind and spirit. I truly believe that my dedication in utilizing these techniques on my own mat has nourished and supported my body bringing balance and wellbeing back. These workshops are devoted to suing the therapeutic elements of yoga to enhance your life on every level. Freedom from pain is absolutely possible.

You will learn techniques that you can use at home and in every day life. These new skills can also be integrated into your regular practice and in any studio class. You will also learn simple breathing and meditation methods to assist you in life’s ongoing journey of wellness and balance. In addition there will be space for learning affirmations, mudra, philosophy and mantra.

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