Private Sessions

Individual yoga sessions are the perfect opportunity to move more deeply into your yoga experience. Private sessions allow for a more intimate perspective of your practice and is the perfect environment for learning. Each session is custom designed to suite your desired goals and needs. Working one-on-one allows me to examine your postures and support you in finding optimal alignment, strength and freedom.

Private sessions are an excellent compliment to your studio practice and are suitable for beginners and advanced students. Individual yoga can support you in order to deepen your practice, gain confidence, learn alignment, work toward specific postures, provide guidance and answer questions.

Therapeutic Essential Private Sessions

These sessions provide support for individuals working with physical strain, pain, injury or other health conditions. Therapeutic essentials will help you create safe and effective foundations from which to build a framework of general health and wellbeing. Yoga teaches that it is our right to live pain free and with joy. These yoga sessions offers the capacity to move into a place of balance where holistic healing can occur.

I am very passionate about the therapeutic benefits of yoga, as I have taken a holistic approach for my own health and have used the broader aspects of yoga to bring my own body, mind and spirit back into a place or ease and balance. I have invested an enormous amount of time studying specific massage therapy, marma points, pressure points, mantra, pranayama, focused alignment techniques and other holistic modalities in order to offer these practices and techniques to others.

When your body hurts or is under strain and stresses everything is affected – body, mind, and spirit. Freedom from pain, physical, mental and emotional, is absolutely possible.

In these sessions, I will offer many modalities of practice for health and wellbeing: massage and trigger point therapy, yoga therapeutic essentials for your physical body, breathing and meditation techniques, mantra, and affirmations. Additional supportive techniques may be included to enhance overall health and well being for your body, mind and heart.