Modules and Dates

Required Modules for Certification

Yin Modules

50hr – Yin Foundations and Lower Body Anatomy – $749

Lead Teacher: Michelle Finch

**Prerequisite for further Yin studies**

Dives deep into the primary principles of Yin yoga theory, asana, teaching methodology and sequencing and lower body anatomy (feet to pelvis)

50hr – Yin-Yang Qi Cultivation and Torso Anatomy – $749

Lead Teacher – Michelle Finch

Fundamentals of the Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian theory, location of energy sinews & their connection to Yin Yoga, Taoist Yang Flows (as taught by Paul & Suzee Grilley) and torso anatomy

50hr – Fascia, Myofascial Release and Upper Body Anatomy – $749

Lead Teacher – Michelle Finch

In depth fascia study in relation to Yin Yoga, location & function major trigger & acupressure points, applying self-myofascial release both within and along side a Yin Yoga practice and upper body anatomy (shoulder to hands)

Yang Modules

50hr Level 1 – Functional Vinyasa Foundations and Lower Body Anatomy – $749

Lead Teachers – Ahna Hoke & Michelle Finch

**Prerequisite for Advanced Functional Vinyasa**

Foundations of the functional approach to Vinyasa yoga, most fundamental hatha asana (prone backbends, standing balance, basic standing, seated & supine postures) and lower body anatomy (low back to feet)

50hr Level 2 – Advanced Functional Vinyasa and Upper Body Anatomy – $749 *COMING TO INDY SUMMER 2021*

Lead Teachers – Ahna Hoke and Michelle Finch

Expanding on the functional approach to Vinyasa yoga, many advanced postures (supine backbends, binds, twists, inversions & arm balances) and upper body anatomy (mid-spine to hands)

Philosophy Modules

40hr – Tantric Philosophy, Chakras and Brain/Spinal Cord Anatomy – $599

Lead Teacher – Ahna Hoke

In depth look into Tantric philosophy, tools and techniques (chakras, mantras and mudras), Bhagavad Gita, Karma, Dharma, Tatvas, Gunas, Koshas, Yamas and Niyamas, brain and spinal cord anatomy

 40hr – Meditation & Pranayama Retreat in New Harmony – $1,300

Lead Teachers – Ahna Hoke & Michelle Finch

Comprehensive study of several different approaches to meditation durived from both Buddhist and Tantric teachings in addition to various pranayama practices. This module will be held in a residential retreat format to give participants to opporunity to dive deep into their meditation experience. 

 Business Module

4hr – Business of Yoga Online Module – $60

Lead Teacher: Michelle Finch

Business basics, understanding responsibilities of being an independent contractor, marketing strategy and contract negotiation.

This module will be offered online exclusively for students of this 300 hour training. 

Advanced certification is achieved when all eight modules are completed.

This training cannot be combined with any other courses taken from another RYS to qualify as a 300 hour certification. All modules must be taken from Exalt Yoga & Wellness.

General Information 

What is Function Yoga?

The functional approach to yoga is an approach where we prioritize what a pose should do over how it looks. We are all unique: our skeletal structure, muscular flexibility, emotional response, mental organization and psychological inclination is all unique to each of us. Our practice should express this individuality. Instead of trying to perform a pose from the outside, copying a shape, we strive to understand what the purpose of the pose is and then adapt it’s shape to our unique needs and abilities.

What You Will Learn


Garner indepth knowledge of fundamental anatomical principles in order to teach and adapt many of the primary yoga poses to suit every student


Understand the function of the both Yin and Vinyasa poses and how to practice them to open the way to a long-lasting, effective and fulfilling practice


 Dive deep into the practices of mindfulness, meditation and open awareness drawn from Tantric, Taoist and Buddhist psychological teachings


What differentiates yoga is not so much the physical movement as the willingness to turn the awareness inwards and look at ourselves with honesty, kindness and compassion. Yoga philosophy can be immensely helpful on our road to disentangle ourselves from our unconscious behaviour patterns and supports development and growth from within.


Seven modules. Take at your own pace.

There is no forcing your life to fit a particular schedule or straining your budget to meet the requirements of this program. You can complete this training in one year or five! The timeline is completely up to you. You may take the modules at any location that works best for you.

Current Dates & Locations

50hr Yin Foundations (choose one from any of the following dates/locations):

March 24-31, 2020 – kOMpose Yoga – Indianapolis,IN

April 17-19 & 24-26, 2020 – Kai Yoga – Fairborn, OH

June 12-14 & 26-28, 2020 – Flourish Yoga – Fishers, IN

June 16-20, 2020 – Yoga Life – St. Joseph, MI

March 5-7 & 19-21, 2021 – kOMpose Yoga – Indianapolis, IN*

July 13-18, 2021 – Flourish Yoga – Fishers, IN*

50hr Yin-Yang Qi Cultivation (choose one from any of the following dates/locations):

September 22-27 – Flourish Yoga – Indianapolis, IN

October 6-10 – Yoga Life – St. Joseph, MI

June 8-13, 2021 – kOMpose Yoga – Indianapolis, IN*

50hr Yin, Fascia and Myofascial Release (choose one from any of the following dates/locations):

August 18-23 – Kai Yoga – Fairborn, OH

November 10-15 – kOMpose Yoga – Indianapolis, IN 

September 21-26, 2021 – Flourish Yoga – Fishers, IN*

50hr Functional Vinyasa Level 1 (choose one from any of the following dates/locations):

August 7-9 & 28-30, 2020 – kOMpose Yoga – Indianapolis, IN

May 11-16, 2021 – Flourish Yoga – Fishers, IN*

40hr Tantric Philosophy & Chakras:

December 2-6, 2020 – Flourish Yoga – Fishers, IN

40hr Meditation & Pranayama Retreat in New Harmony:

April 6-11, 2021 New Harmony, IN*

50hr Functional Vinaysa Level 2: 

August 13-15 & 27-29, 2021 – kOMpose Yoga – Indianapolis, IN*

 *Registration for 2021 will open October 2020


Whether you are just starting out on your journey as a yoga teacher, seeking to enhance your teaching skills or are a long-standing teacher looking for a new and fresh perspective on the practice of yoga, our 300 hour Advanced Functional Yin-Yang Training will provide you with the tools to enrich your practice and empower your teaching.  

This advanced certification is available to any yoga teacher who has completed a 200hr yoga teacher training and has at least two years of dedicated practice in Yin and/or Yang styles of yoga. 

Those that are not already certified yoga teachers are welcome to attend any modules desired knowing that all courses attended prior to the completion of a 200 hour training cannot and will not qualify for a 300 hour certification.