300-h Advanced Functional Yin-Yang Yoga Training

Functional Vinyasa Teacher Training

Michelle and I are excited to bring the Advanced 300-h Yoga Teacher Training!

About the Training

This groundbreaking training is a one of a kind opporunity to completely change how you see all hatha yoga asana forever! It is an in-depth course marrying skeletal variation anatomy (traditionally taught only in relation to Yin Yoga) with Vinyasa Yoga through the Functional Approach. 

The functional approach to yoga is an approach where we prioritize what a pose should do over how it looks. We are all unique: our skeletal structure, muscular flexibility, emotional response, mental organization and psychological inclination is all unique to each of us. Our practice should express this individuality. Instead of trying to perform a pose from the outside, copying a shape, we strive to understand what the purpose of the pose is and then adapt it’s shape to our unique needs and abilities.

This training is for anyone that wants to learn how to teach and/or practice more vigorous forms of yoga in a manner that embraces individuality so that everyone may accel their practice, over time, in way that will honor their bodies for many years to come!

Seven modules. Take at your own pace.

There is no forcing your life to fit a particular schedule or straining your budget to meet the requirements of this program. You can complete this training in one year or five! The timeline is completely up to you. You may take the modules at any location that works best for you.

Current Dates & Locations

  1. 50hr Yin Foundations (choose one from any of the following dates/locations):
  • August 14-16 & 21-23 – Kai Yoga – Fairborn, OH
  • September 18-20 & October 4-6, 2020 – kOMpose Yoga – Indianapolis,IN
  • May 14-16 & 21-23, 2021 – kOMpose Yoga – Indianapolis, IN*
  • June 15-19, 2021 – Yoga Life – St. Joseph, MI*

2. 50hr Yin-Yang Qi Cultivation (choose one from any of the following dates/locations):

  • October 6-10 – Yoga Life – St. Joseph, MI
  • July 9-11 & 16-18, 2021 – kOMpose Yoga – Indianapolis, IN*

3. 50hr Yin, Fascia and Myofascial Release (choose one from any of the following

  • November 10-15 – kOMpose Yoga – Indianapolis, IN 
  • April 23-25 & April 30 – May 2, 2021 –Kai Yoga – Fairborn, OH*
  • September 22-26, 2021 – kOMpose Yoga – Indianapolis, IN* 

4. 50hr Functional Vinyasa Level 1 (choose one from any of the following

  • August 7-9 & 28-30, 2020 – kOMpose Yoga – Indianapolis, IN
  • May 11-16, 2021 – kOMpose Yoga – Indianapolis, IN *

5. 40hr Tantric Philosophy & Chakras:

  • Date TBD

6. 40hr Meditation & Pranayama Retreat in New Harmony:

  • May 4-9, 2021 New Harmony, IN*

7. 50hr Functional Vinaysa Level 2: 

  • August 13-15 & 27-29, 2021 – kOMpose Yoga – Indianapolis, IN*

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If you have additional questions not answered in this document, please email us at exaltyinyoga@gmail.com and we will return your message within 48 of receipt.